LovRub For Women Enhancement Gel - 2 oz Tube

LovRub‚Ñ¢ feminine arousal gel is topically applied. The gentle application of LovRub‚Ñ¢ with Aloe Vera becomes a natural part of foreplay that actively contributes to female sexual pleasure and satisfaction. The exclusive blend of all-natural herbs and extracts in LovRub‚Ñ¢ naturally stimulates the body's own sensory nerve conduction heightening sexual sensation and pleasure. Squeeze a few drops of LovRub‚Ñ¢ from the tube and apply with tender massage to the clitoris underneath the clitoral hood labia and vaginal opening for five minutes prior to intercourse. From the very first use LovRub's‚Ñ¢ unique effects tend to pleasantly surprise most women. Since you are in complete control of your desired intensity women wishing to enjoy more intensely pleasurable sensations can simply use more LovRub‚Ñ¢ per each sexual encounter. Use the amount that suits you best. For best effects . . .don't rush. During foreplay you and your partner should gradually apply the gel with gentle massage onto the clitoris. Massage in tenderly. The effects generally begin in about four-to-five minutes with a feeling of genital warming that will build to a pleasurable level and plateau within about 10 minutes. You may also experience heightened genital sensation to touch and/or sexual intercourse heightened arousal and increased sexual pleasure. The effects generally last 30-45 minutes with a single application. Repeat as often as desired. To remove simply wash off. Many women report that when using LovRub‚Ñ¢ during intercourse their male partner also experiences greater sexual satisfaction.